Women and Wealth playbook

In our 2021 ‘Women and Wealth’ playbook, we examine the upward trajectory of women’s financial power, and how to anticipate the largest wealth transfer in history.

The transforming demographics of global wealth provide an exciting opportunity for financial services marketers to capture a growing audience.

In this guide, we look at the continued under-representation of women in financial service roles, and how far the industry still has to go. If wealth managers want to future-proof their business, they must keep pace with women.

Discover how to appropriately serve this powerful wealth cohort to create a sustainable advantage.

In this guide you’ll find:

  • Women’s financial power – how it’s changed and where it is headed
  • Risk and approach – dispelling outdated ideas of risk aversion
  • Bridging the hiring gap – the stark differences in wages and employment
  • Making a positive impact – why the profit drivers of yesteryear are falling behind
  • The changing role of content and advisors – with key tips for marketers

Read the Global and UK report

Read the US report

Alex Burden

Alex is an experienced content specialist and qualified journalist, who is also trained in research and marketing. She’s worked as a specialist editor and marketer throughout her career, and now applies the range of her multi-discipline experience to crafting content strategy. Her favourite question is ‘why?’, and uses it to dig deep on briefs and explore new directions for clients and audiences.