Case Studies

We’d love to shout from the rooftops about what we do, and who we do it for.


But when you work with a client base that includes three of the top five global asset managers, three of the top five UK banks and one of the world’s largest wealth managers, discretion matters.

So, we can’t always name names. But we can share some of the reasons why our clients love working with us.

LinkedIn | Currency of Trust

We were tasked with building a full-funnel campaign strategy that demonstrated exactly how LinkedIn could help marketers bridge the trust divide between brands and their audience. This case study gives examples of what we did to achieve LinkedIn’s goals.

Event Amplification

A prominent asset management company required our skills to amplify its annual forum. Their goal was to boost internal engagement and external consideration among institutional investors. This case study explores how we did this.

Unique Identity Creation

Using content with a distinct tone of voice we were asked to help a new investment service carve out a unique identity outside the legacy of its parent company, and position its innovative platform as a market leader. To find out more read on.

Key Insight Distribution

We were tasked with capturing the key insights generated from a major investments company’s global conference and use it to engage a professional investor audience. Find out our solution in this case study.

Improve Email Engagement

A major global bank wanted to improve the experience their business banking customers had when receiving their onboarding emails. To find out how we improved engagement please read this case study.

Boost Business Guide Website

A major UK bank needed to increase its business guide web traffic, we were asked to help them position themselves as the ‘go to’ source of expertise for small and micro businesses. Read on to find out how our content solution helped them with their marketing goals.