Digital transformation – winning next gen customers

Are you focused on the next gen customer experience? If not, you could be losing out on a whole new future revenue stream. If your business relies on the relationships you build with your customers, then you need to be thinking about the role that digital plays.

Our third exclusive whitepaper, Digital Transformation, looks at how businesses can harness digital to build a better bond with their customers.

Read it now to learn how technologies such as artificial intelligence and natural language processing are shaping the way that financial services organisations communicate.

Read the Digital Transformation US Whitepaper or UK Whitepaper now.

Svein Clouston

As Director of Editorial Strategy, Svein is responsible for the agency’s editorial quality. Originally from Edinburgh, he arrived at Editions in 2016 after spending over a decade in London at various agencies and working with clients including Microsoft, Lenovo, London 2012, the IOC and KPMG. A keen student of editorial strategy, Svein is a voracious reader and an enthusiastic - if average - runner/cyclist.